Another Weekend Goes Bye, Bye

Yet another #weekend slips through our fingers. It seems as though I look so forward to the weekend. Thursday and the excitement starts to build. Friday I’m looking through the paper, checking the web and listening to the local chatter. Saturday and its here, ah, #Saturday morning and it’s time for a coffee in the backyard. Listening to the birds, watching the ducks fly over in perfect formation. This seems like it’s going to be a perfect day. I even had a #bowl movement (for you younger readers, that means taking a shit or a dumb) and if you happen to be part of that younger generation one day you too will realize just how important and exciting that is. I guess you don’t even have to be young to appreciate a good shit. Maybe you have an illness or are taking some prescription medication that binds you up. Well, whatever the case take it from me, it’s pretty cool to have that all important dumb first thing in the morning it makes for the start of a good day, I’m just sayin’.

I really didn’t mean to write about my morning dump, but having cancer means all those little things become important. I’ve taken so much for granted, especially all the little things. I see now how important they were.

My health has been anything but great lately. I stopped taking #thalidomide and feel like crap. I was told by one of my doctors to just stop no cutting back just stop. I did with a little sectarianism as I was told it’s not the type of drug that would give you any adverse side effects. The night I didn’t take it, I couldn’t sleep at all so about three in the morning I substituted another drug and finally got off to never, never land. You see thalidomide helps with your sleep as well. The following night I was up and going into complete withdrawal as my body wanted the drug, after all I had been on it for about eight years. Again, I was forced to substitute with another drug. This all happened on a weekend, a long one at that. Did you ever try to reach your doctor on a long weekend? I receive a call back from his nurse informing me that it was not caused from the thalidomide, something else must be causing the problem. I called another one of my doctors who happens to be a friend as well and he told me that if you’ve been taking something for eight years and abruptly stop whether it be thalidomide or anything else your body is going to react. Anyway, it was suggested to introduce a more natural approach and I did, that made a terrible situation much, much better.

This brings me to the next topic. I get more requests for information on #Medical Marijuana than anything else. So I’ll get all my info together and talk to several doctors regarding MM oh sorry I didn’t mean #Multiple Myeloma I meant Medical Marijuana. And when it’s all together, I’ll start writing about it. Not to worry, it will be sooner rather than later.

I’ll leave you with that on the table and stop writing for today, remember:
All You Need Is Love,



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