As summer starts to fade by each beautiful Canadian sunset, the tone that gives intense pleasure to the sight and other senses is totally awesome. Baseball has moved ever so close to the fall classic that I treasure so much. College football starts and the feeling I get for each game is indescribably wonderful. Only to be equaled by the best in ballet. Before long the trees will launch a magical change in colour, (that’s right colour, eh). I can’t help but ask WTF. When did it start, OK, OK, it was a little late and the beautiful warm weather gave way to some rather uncomfortable, sticky hot days. I could never figure out the saying “the dog days of summer.” What does that even entail? Although we can still wait and wonder about the tropics bringing an unwelcome guest to the front door. So I suppose in a way summer will still linger on, at least for a little while. For me, I can close my eyes, lean back to do some deep breathing, placing myself somewhere else, perhaps on a small tropical island. WTF its still going to be hot and sticky on that island. And if we don’t get our shit together with this global warming or whatever you choose to call it one day I’ll be walking around in one of my very tropical shirts, shorts and flip flops in Canada. Like a great musician, John Frinzi say’s ” I was looking around, I saw buildings and streets To hell with all that, I’m building a beach. Where everything’s sunny and nothing goes wrong, The men all wear flip-flops, the girls all wear thongs.” Man if that were only the truth.

Moving on now my health doesn’t bring me too much to be happy about these day’s. It seems that one of my cancer drugs, thalidomide has left me a mere shell of a man I once was. One of the main problems with that piece of shit drug is neuropathy. That’s a tingling or a feeling of pins and needles in both my hands and feet. Now along with that my legs have gone completely numb, from the tip of my toes to my waist making walking difficult to put it mildly. All this is happening two months after I stopped taking the stuff. I guess I really shouldn’t call it a piece of shit drug, after all it brought my numbers way down and so far they have stayed there. But really, what a trade off. Together, let’s all say it WTF! Please God don’t let Mr. Johnson go numb!
I don’t ask much, give me a little help with this. It’s kind of important, I’m just saying.

Now the good news. I’ll be announcing a brand new Podcast that should begin next week if all the testing goes well this week in trials. To start off with it will be a 30 minute cast with guest stars and information on multiple myeloma. It should be some kind of fun. After the audio podcast I plan to add the phone in part. If yyou’reinterested in this, please let me know. You can leave a comment here or I’ve set up a Text Plus Community at (724)812-0861. If you want to join in you can get a free account, they have both island Android versions. All you have to do is head over to the Google Play Store or iTunes and search Text plus, get an account. With your textPlus number you can send and receive free texts. Calls between textPlus users are always free.

Well, time for me to go have a visit with Mother Nature and go to my special place.

Live, love, laugh and have a super time on your journey.

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