iOS 8

Hi there! I am here to help you upgrade to #iOS 8 safely!
iOS 8 offers loads of new features and capabilities. No doubt that iCloud Drive is one of the main ones. However, switching to iCloud Drive might cause some difficulties with your #iCloud files.
Therefore, to adopt the new technology with no danger of data loss, we strongly recommend you to follow the guidance below.

1. When installing iOS 8, choose Not Now in iCloud Drive menu.
2. Before you decide to enable iCloud Drive, make sure, that all your Apple devices were upgraded to iOS 8 and Mac OS Yosemite.
3. Wait a couple of days till most of your apps get an iOS 8 update and iCloud Drive support.
4. Backup your iCloud files to Dropbox or another web storage.
5. Enable iCloud Drive on all your devices at the same time.
6. The migration takes some time, so wait till your files become accessible through iCloud Drive.
iCloud Drive is a big step forward for all iOS users, but it always takes time and patience to create a perfect technology.


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