Letting Go of An Outdated Feeling

Goal: To make peace with my illness no matter what (and/or to effectively define the desired feeling of the illness).

What do you want to achieve? To make peace with your illness? To perceive your illness differently?

They say that a change of feeling is a change of destiny (Neville Goddard, Dr. Wayne Dyer). So what happens when patients, survivors, and their loved-ones change their feeling toward the held illness?

Is the illness seen as a burden, a shame, or a pity; or is the illness seen as a valuable teaching that is a unique experience?

Following this logic, how you view the illness will determine your overall belief, behavior, and actions regarding the illness, even if chronic.

“While I never wondered ‘why me?’, I’ll admit it’s been quite difficult at times. In a way though, I’m profoundly grateful for this experience. It has shown me what truly matters.”

In other words, her feeling of gratefulness changes the outcome.

This change in viewpoint – and possibly a change in the use of our words to describe the illness – changes basically everything and pretty much shifts us in how we think about the illness.

The word,”fight”, and the term, “beat it”, are no longer synonymous with “deal with”, according to one article from Huffington Post, depending on what the goal is. The article continues, there’s sometimes a fine line between living with a chronic illness and merely staying alive.

What words, definitions, and beliefs are you holding onto?

Someone once said, when you hang on to your history, you do so at the expense of your destiny (Bishop TJ Jakes).

In other words, to embrace or at least focus on your future, you need to let go of your past.

According to an August 2014 LinkedIn article , it is necessary to let go of “old” or outdated skills in order to add new “tools” to the “tool belt”.

Easier said than done sometimes.

When we try new things or adopt these new “tools”, we are bound to make mistakes.

Of course, we have made, and probably continue to make mistakes. It’s not so much in making the mistake; but in recovering from the mistake.

Just like how it works in letting go of anything, letting go of mistakes and imperfections makes room for new mistakes, new lessons that are learned, or adding something new.

One article from LinkedIn offers that letting go is difficult, yet necessary.

So much good can come out of the bad.

If you’re “mistake-prone” however, what’s a person to do?

You can treat each mistake as a lesson learned, and add that new lesson as a new “tool” for your “tool belt”.

In other words, you can view the mistake from a different perspective and have a different feeling toward the mistake.

Again, a change in feeling is a change in destiny.

If you focus on the feeling of making mistakes or carry around the feeling of how you goofed, this will affect your outcome.

If you made it this far I would like to so Thank You,


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