Marihuana Commercial

This is for all my friends in Florida and those around the U. S. voting on the a marihuana proposal. By this time you have no doubt seen this commercial making marijuana the fruit of the demon. Marihuana is not 400% more potent than it was 45 years ago. It is however more potent after its treated with chemicals by assholes who don’t give a shit about you or your children and grandkids. Make your voice herd and call, text or write to the TV station requesting they remove this commercial that is altogether untrue. Yes, after years of cross pollination marijuana is different. This is why we need more research and in order to do this it must be made legal. I can definitively tell you marijuana is medicine and it does work! Ten years ago I was given 1 to 3 years to live, who’s laughing now. I don’t know how much longer I have but medical marijuana makes my journey a bit more tolerable and no doubt has helped to keep my cancer numbers low. All of my doctors are in agreement that marijuana has helped me in a very big way. And if you feel like it send a few bucks so I may purchase a vaporizer. With this device I will not be smoking marihuana but inhaling vapor. The cost of this unit is approximately $400. Although most of my meds are covered by either the government or insurance cancer is rather costly. If you want to send me a few bucks, please use this address:

To keep up with the pro’ and con’s of medical marihuana and my journey living with Multiple Myeloma (cancer) sigh up to get an email whenever I post.






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