Don’t you just hate people that say that type of thing? If it were my first day of life would I revert back to being a baby? Or could I just pick any age, and if so would I stay that age forever? Ah, so many questions, so little time. If I could do something like that I think I would pick staying in the range of 30 to 50. Oh yeah I’d like to add 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971 and 1972. Those years were some of the best. So much was going on. I truly believe those years shaped the planet.

I’m glad you stopped bye today because I wanted to talk to you about a few things. First the brand spanking new podcast. There were a few glitches, but all in all, it went pretty well. There was the mike crapping out during the first few minutes last night, so we had to scramble to get another one and get it set up. Good thing I had a spare because if I didn’t you wouldn’t have heard my lovely pristine voice. We had a few excellent topics to talk about. There is the Niel Young, Starbucks ordeal which seems to be ongoing and not a lot seem to give a shit one way or another. If you missed it, you can get it on demand at:
Then we talked about cancer and fatigue, and that seemed to be pretty popular with everyone. Again if you missed it it’s on demand at the same address.

Now the shitty news. It would appear as though I’ve got a fair amount of listeners, but the donations don’t seem to be pouring in. In as much as I’m carrying the entire load, and I just can’t do it anymore so instead of broadcasting three times a week I’ll be cutting it down to two a week. You see I’m supposed to be on for half an hour but what I’ve been doing in going dead for several minutes and then coming back for another half an hour. Not only is this a pain in the ass for me but my listeners don’t seem to care for it as well. With your donation, I’d be able to stay on for three straight hours. And purchase some much-needed upgrades. My idea was to work from donations for the first six to nine months and then go with advertisers and supporters. And I can’t do that until I have a proven track record. So this is what I’m going to do in the meantime. I’ll be broadcasting on Wednesday nights at 7pm and then again, on Saturdays at 8pm for “Date Night at the Oldies” as that seems to be pretty popular. By the way, all times are eastern.

So that’s my story, sad but true.
In the event you would like to make a donation you can do it right through PayPal or over at I’m going to run now as I’m not feeling that great. So live, laugh, love, be cool and have a great time on your journey. See you tomorrow night for date night at the oldies. And if you want to make a dedication, you can do it right here.



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