Giveaway’s & Free Stuff

If you’ve been following me you know I love free stuff and you also know I do it everyday. These programs are totally free and come directly from the manufacturer. If you look over on the right sidebar you’ll see a widget that say’s “GiveawayOfTheDay” just click it and it takes you right to the download. The only catch is you only have 24 hours to download and install it. That’s it.

Here’s a little information on today’s GiveAway. I hope you enjoy it:
Skype Audio Recorder is the best automatic recording software to record VoIP voice conversations. It supports almost all VoIP software such as Skype, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, Viber, Facebook, Hangouts, etc. You can use it to record your own voice chat on your computer, also you can use it to monitor other people (such as your child) who use your computer. Another advantage is this software can record both sides voice even if you take a earphone.
You need to set the process names to specify which software you want to record. Following are some process names of frequently-used VoIP software: Facebook – FacebookVideoCalling.exe, Hangouts – chrome.exe, Viber – Viber.exe, ICQ – icq.exe, Skype – Skype.exe, Yahoo Messenger – YahooMessenger.exe.

Weather you’ve come here because of your illness or dropped in to get some information. To say thank you I want to give you access to some of the best software totally “FREE.”

While you’re over on the sidebar why not make make a donation to our podcast. I’m just satin’


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