Happy Thanksgiving

Many heartfelt thanks for helping me spread health, happiness, and smiles to people everywhere. I appreciate your friendship and are grateful for your support. May all the good things in life be yours in abundance

We had a great time last night on the show. I must apologize for not being able to finish the topic before time ran out. I was only aboutone-third off the way finished. I hadsoo much more to say.Questionss to ask of your doctor is a pretty helpful topicsoo if you want a copy of the transcript of what I said and more importantly the things I didn’t have time for just drop me a quick noterightthere,e and I’ll send you a copy of the complete transcript.
That’s a good reasonrightt there to donate. Donations mean a longer show and that translates into more information, more comedy and most importantly more of me.
If you missed theshow,w it’s available on demand,justt head over to:
And if you can’t find itjustt go to search and type inKUFC, and you’ll have access to all the shows.
If you want to donate you can right here. Over on the right side you’ll see the PayPal logo or if you prefer you can donate at the Plumfund sight.
Remember when I’m live:
Wednesday at7pmm
Saturday at8pmm
All times eastern
Hope to see you there. 😜


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