New for You and Me in 2015

The Truth be told:

When I began this blog, I was going to write about my favorite thing, me. Nevertheless, things changed. I hooked up with some excellent groups and people. There were others that were, well not so noteworthy. You totally know which group you fall into. Nevertheless, I tried to be patient, remorseful, sympathetic, and understanding, especially to those who are fighting the battle of their lives. All that comes from my training in wellness and psychology background. Sounds great in theory, doesn’t it? However, on occasion, the stand-up comedian wants to come out and say WTF. Who the phuck do you think you are, you freaking bitch. The best part of you ran down your mothers’ leg. I suppose we know why you never got married, you flabby, crusty piece of shit, double bagger. Nevertheless, I took a couple of deep breaths, contained myself and proceeded forward. In the New Year, I promise to change, yes I will. I will start integrating the two Niel’s together, and you’re going to get a compassionate, caring, loving, sympathetic podcaster and blogger. Notwithstanding, you’re also going to get a guy who the Globe and Mail (that’s the big national paper in Canada) wrote, "This guy makes Andrew Dice Clay look like a Boy Scout." Am I proud of that? You bet your sweet freaking ass. I was quite proud of that. Hence, in the New Year my advice would be, don’t piss me off. Don’t write to me with your Bullshit about stupid, petty things that mean absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things. Don’t waste my freaking time? If you desire to engage in intelligent dialogue, please accept my invitation to post or call into the podcast. OK, I’m still going to post the best, newest and fresh information that’s available. I’ll be answering all your posts, tweets, emails and messages. So keep writing and I’ll keep responding. Now that I got that off my chest. I’d like to talk about relationships, what they are and what they can and can’t be. See not everything I say is dirty, filthy and crude. I’m a genuinely nice guy, but that stand-up is in my blood. I do a host of other things such as design beautiful web sites that become a work of artistic creation. Like a shot let me segway into today’s topic.

Building relationships
Building relationships takes time but growing and maintaining them long term takes just as much if not more especially today. “Marketing battles take place in the minds of readers, and listener’s. That’s where you win. That’s’s where you lose.” We live in seriously disposable and fast moving times. People outgrow their use for things and each other, sadly rather quickly. I always take note when people talk about following people and companies for a “long time.” That’s really hard to do today. So how am I going to build long term loyalty? How do I win the battle in the minds of listener’s and readers? Loyalty connotes sentiment and the feeling of devotion that one holds for one’s country, creed, family, friends, cause, leader, person or principle. Building and fostering loyalty with people who have value is a two way daily commitment that has long-term benefits. I will build loyalty one mutual action at a time. I’ll be Authentic and I’ll be Who I Say I am, and you be who you are, walk your walk and do what you tell others to do. People are way more savvy today and pick up on wrong or suspect intentions and motives. Sure we all have something to sell, but I’ll have your back because I “get” your pain. Can people relate to me? I hope so.I’ll deliver fun, incite-full topics and continue to be informative. It’s all about the experience I create and have with people and companies I interact with. I’ll Make sure I’m refreshing my sites, visuals, marketing materials, presentation and updates. The podcast will continue to have the most up-to-date information on cancer, specifically multiple myeloma and other blood borne cancers. The best and freshest comedy and great classic rock along with unforgettable oldies. I’ll be having as guests some of the finest up-and-coming comedians from all around the globe. I will also invite past and present cancer patients to share their stories. This way, you won’t feel alone in your journey. We all love things that are new, but a different spin on something we like is cool too. I’ll make things easy to follow, entertaining and culturally relevant. I will Acknowledge and engage people clearly nobody achieves success with their thoughts and feelings without the support of others. I’ll be vocal and step up directly acknowledging people, who step up and support me. I’ll use social media streams to shout out, re-post and let others know that I appreciate them. I need to reward, incentivize and Create. exclusivities Develop ways to give extra value to people who show loyalty. Our entire staff will treat you exclusive by creating a separate database, so we can extend unique offers, content or incentives. I’ll look at all the premium loyalty programs that exist today and follow that model. I’ll always be finding reasons to connect people together for the right reasons and the most apparent synergy. When I meet people on-line, I just know who I should be introducing into my world. I’ll continue to act on issues quickly. I’ll reference and mention others as examples. I’ll Know my audience, customers and followers. Use them as examples of the things I write about, present on, things I value. Blogging and social media are great ways to do this. I’ll collaborate and build partnerships In today’s business landscape, adding value to what I offer or deliver can be easily accomplished by joining forces with other companies, products and services that are complementary to our needs. Look at all the multi-branding and cross-branding that I see on-line, consumer products, education, sports and entertainment. I can now go to one store or shopping area and get groceries, eyeglasses, flowers, auto supplies, yogurt and stamps. I intend to Find ways to collaborate and partner while being very careful to “vet” people and know who I am entering into partnerships with. Loyalty is the highest compliment a group can be given by its public. Loyalty is earned by valuing a deep appreciation for others and maintained by consistently showing that appreciation.
These are not only my New Years resolutions, they are a style of life I intend to pursue for the rest of my day’s. However, long or short they may be.

I’ll do my very best for you. I’ll kick and scream until I get what I think my readers and listeners want. The more public I go to spread the word regarding Multiple Myeloma the more I can help in raising some much-needed money for research and development, so one day there might be a cure. That way, we don’t have to sit around waiting for the other shoe to fall. This illness is so unlike others. It’s more aggressive then the fiercest lion or shark. It grabs you and rips away at you physically and mentality. In some cases defeating your moral soul and very fiber of being. However, together we can and will fight it. And we can win.

As a postscript let me add that in order for me to continue to do my work, I need help. If you are aware of a company, business or organization that might want to sponsor the podcast, please have them make contact with me. In order to improve it, it takes money, and I’m not talking about tons. I’m asking for enough to get the up to a three-hour broadcast in contrast to the half-hour we get now.


Happy Holidays To All
May Love, Peace & Understanding Rule Your Soul In The Coming Year.
With Love,


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