Tonight is the last show for 2015

Tonight is the last show for 2015. So at this time my entire family and I would like to wish you all Happy Holidays and a wonderful, healthy and prosperous New Year. Thank you very much for inviting me into your Holmes. And I’ll see you next year.
I’ll be taking some time off from December 24 and returning January 7th. I’ve got a lot to think about during those few weeks and the blog, and the podcast are number one and two on the list. I’m thinking of moving the show to Wednesday and Saturday afternoon and would like to know what you think. I would also like to know what changes you would like made.
Here is a list of places you can get in touch with me.
Email –
Email –
Text 705 417-1462
I’ve also been nominated for a Wego Health Award and would really like your endorsement so if you have a chance. You can do it at:
Achieving this award would certainly help with my fund-raising efforts. If you know of any businesses, organizations, or people that would like to sponsor the show, please have them get in touch with me. It’s a great, inexpensive way to get your brand out there.

Thanks for your support and loyalty over the past several months.



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