Tricky Dick

I’ll get to the Tricky Dick thing in a moment. First let me take this opportunity to answer the emails and texts I’ve received over this past week regarding KUFC. If you don’t know about KUFC Radio, then ignore the initial part of this article and skip down to the bottom.

I’ve received a lot of correspondence asking me “where did KUFC go?” It really hasn’t gone anywhere, it’s just taking a nap. I was doing two distinctive forms of podcasting. On Wednesday’s I did a three-hour live broadcast directed toward folks living with different types of what I call “the ugly cancers.” You know the ones that drug companies can’t make a small fortune on. The very rare blood borne cancers. Those cancers wouldn’t make the big bucks. It was for all those folks, their caregivers, friends and families and anyone touched by those horrid illnesses. We talked about all sorts of problems from drug interactions to side effects. I also played some music and added a little comedy to try to keep the mood lite. The statistics were very good, and I was pleased. Then I did the oldies’ thing on Saturdays. Playing a really good mix of oldies and a throwing a standup show right in the middle. That show had outstanding ratings. All that having been said. Doing both shows and putting together special presentations became very time consuming. I had asked several times for help, but unfortunately it was not meant to be. There was also the financial aspect. I stepped back and took a look at the big picture. I just couldn’t go on absorbing the entire cost. So after talking it over with my family, I decided to put my energy and finances into special projects and pull back on the weekly broadcasts. So in a way you’re losing a little and gaining a lot as now I can put my time into the current Woodstock project, which is coming along great. I did the same thing at Zeta4, a radio station in Miami, and it was an extremely profitable event held over the Labor Day Weekend. This new version will be bigger and more intensive. It may even stretch into another day. I promise this event will be on a whole different level. I feel those attending this event won’t be let down.

Now let me explain the advertising below. Many of the patients that I talk to take a walk with Mother Nature when its needed, as do I. I recently made a purchase of this product and was very pleased with it. That doesn’t happen a lot these days so I thought I would pass my find on to you. No smell and very discreet. Check it out. By the way if you live in the U.S. and decide to make a purchase, you’ll get about a twenty five per cent discount when you consider the exchange rate


Now on to Tricky Dick, or the 37th President of the U.S. The other day a movie came on called “Nixon, in his own words.” Now I had seen the Frost/Nixon interview but somehow I missed this one. To say this was a brilliant documentary would be an understatement. This movie was, in short, mind blowing. I never realized what a schmuck this guy was. The things he did or had control of was staggering. The way he talked about Jews was insane for anyone to even think like that was more than alarming. Especially coming from the leader of the free world. And it didn’t stop there. The Catholics and Protestants were in the mix as well as women. Mind you, not as much as the Jews. Even calling them the “K” word. This guy was the lowest form of life, there is. The things that were said on those tapes made me sick to my stomach. I just got more aggravated the more I heard. See now I have time to sit around with my girls and catch a movie. I like that. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed doing those broadcasts on KUFC, but I love my new-found freedom as well. The next day, by sheer coincidence, they had “All the president’s men” that one now takes on a whole new meaning. I still can’t get over how stupid Tricky Dick was. And then he secretly tapes all the conversations in the Oval Office. You know when you think about it, it’s kind of comical. However, the guy was still an asshole. I really thought we put those days behind us, I guess not. For reasons I’ll never understand, hatred and stupid, don’t ever seem to completely go away. Sometimes I just want to forget about all of this shit. But for some reason I can’t.

Well it’s time for me to put on another layer as yet another artic front is headed here. PLEASE MAKE IT STOP! NO MORE SNOW!


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